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Dear colleges, 

We are happy to welcome you in a new VOG website’s section called: Expert’s corner.

Expert’s corner will provide you a new case report, every month, presented and reviewed by an expert in the field of orthopedics or neurology. A case will be presented to you with the history and diagnostic findings, and after 10 days you will receive the review of the presenter with right diagnosis and suggested treatment. 

This way we will encourage you to think actively and to solve difficult cases with mentorship of the expert. VOG website will also provide you an archive where you can come back anytime in the future to look again to the cases. 

The topics will focus on both scientific and practical aspects. 

This is one more way for VOG to promote communication of information in veterinary orthopedics and neurology field and in advances in patient care as well as recent advances in research. 

We listen to your demands and connect people together to meet these objectives. 

VOG president: Zoran Loncar

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The membership of the society is comprised to veterinarians, particularly those who are interested in orthopaedics and traumatology. Members can also be people of other professions which are closely connected to the science of orthopaedy and traumatology.


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