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Jan 2017
Corresponding author: Dr. Vladislav Zlatinov, Central Veterinary Clinic-Sofia, Bulgaria An 8 years old , male, 6,4 kg (overweight), Pekingese was presented because of inability to bare weight on the right front and hind limb. The owner reported that the problem started one month ago with less severe presentation - occasional stumbling and knuckling on the right front leg. There was also occasional painful vocalization with change in the body posture. Gradually, the condition deteriorated to a non-ambulatory status for the last 4 days. No response to NSAIDs and steroids, prescribed by the referring vet, was found. Continue reading
Sep 2016
Bernese mountain dog Lisa is a 9 year old, intact female, weighing 37 kg. She presented with a one day history of anorexia and intermittent vomiting, reluctant to move, doesn't find a comfortable position to sleep and is getting up and laying down and getting up again. Regularly vaccinated and dewarmed. Has had already 2 surgeries for intestinal obstruction, last time several years ago. Continue reading

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