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Oct 2016
Chronic lameness in Akita Inu, two years after TTA Corresponding author: Dr. Vladislav Zlatinov, Central Veterinary Clinic-Sofia, Bulgaria Eri is a three years old male Akita Inu dog, weighing 39 kg. The dog was presented because of left hind leg lameness, lasting for about 4 months. A surgical treatment-Tibial Tuberosity Advancement (TTA) for cranial cruciate insufficiency had been done at the same leg, about 2 years ago. Eri is a pet dog, but has an active lifestyle- long walks (>8 kms) covered regularly. Continue reading
Aug 2016
Sophie, a 14-month-old, 32-kg, intact female greyhound presented with acute right forelimb lameness. There was no history of former trauma or injury. Two days before initial presentation, Sophie began exhibiting intermittent lameness of the right forelimb. The lameness was acute after exercise, but gradually improved until it was no longer noticeable after a few hours. Continue reading

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